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* Method and Technique

I have been a professional photographer for over 35 years. I have extensive experience working in the publishing and print media industry for some of the most demanding clients on the planet and my work has been published world wide. I want your small condo or track home to look like a million bucks and I want your custom million dollar home to look like a custom million dollar home. I strive to find the best angles, moving and tweaking furniture if necessary and I treat each shoot as if it were going to be published in advertisements or editorial features in magazines which they most likely will be.

Professional Fees:

* Our fees are based on many factors such as, scope of work, location and time.

* I understand tight budgets, tight deadlines and we strive to give our clients the best value for their money.

* I would be happy to talk with you about your photographic needs and produce an estimate of my fees and production costs. I do high end custom photography work using the best Canon camera bodies and Architecture TSE lenses that are available. I do not use the one on camera flash technique that discount real estate photographers use to run through the home in an hour taking poorly lit crooked snap shots.

* I do strive to shoot at a higher speed and provide a quick turnaround when clients need that. I charge an hourly rate starting at $37.50 per hour an up depending on the scope of the work and the quality of work needed by the client.  Jobs can range between $225 + tax and $900 + depending on the size and detail needed for the completion of the photo shoot.

No matter what, each of the shoots are completely custom and I strive to make every location look it's absolute best. It takes more time for the higher end custom work because of the time required to set the lighting and post production required to create the images.

* Custom photo shoots begin with a walk through of the home to create a shooting schedule. Following the sun around the home to create the best lighting situations to highlight the home and it's amenities. I'll discuss with you the homes best features and any input you have related to any features that you absolutely love that set your home apart that need extra attention.

* Custom photo shoots may require a stylist (stager) to help prepare each room with props and also use what is available at the home to style and stage to make any home feel natural and inviting.

* Photography for Architects, Designers and Historic Preservation

Time and again, photographs are the only way the public or potential clients will be able to view your finished projects. Capturing the beauty and functionality of your designs are paramount when it comes to attracting new clients and creating effective marketing materials. My images will stand the test of time and your portfolio will reflect this.

* Techniques and Capabilities When I am shooting on location, I combine traditional field techniques with modern digital capture and post processing techniques to create photographs that not only document the space, but also tell a story and depict the space in an artistic manner. Each shot is styled and lit in a manner appropriate to the space, working to complement your design and show the texture, volume, richness and thoughtfulness that were tirelessly put into it. All of my architectural and interior design photo shoots include a digital workstation that shows the photos to my clients on an iPad Air 2 as they are made in real time. This allows me to work with you to create exactly the images that you have in mind. We'll arrange objects in the space so that they photograph as best as they can, and add or remove light as necessary to ensure that the moods and feelings of the space translate into the photographs. Quality Photography That Stands The Test of Time I am obsessed with quality - and will never cut corners in an effort to create photographs that are visually engaging and technically sound. I want to create images that you can use for years to come, both for your marketing and for impressing potential new clients. Architectural and Interiors Photography Pricing Similar to the work of architects and designers, my photography is a custom service that is tailored to your needs. I am flexible when it comes to getting you the photographs that you need on time and within your budget. I regularly work on jobs both small and large, delivering sometimes a handful of images or sometimes many images. No matter the job, I strive to deliver consistently high quality images.

* Post Production - The photographs are processed within one week or shorter and the photos are uploaded to a private client proofing gallery. I am able do a 24 hour turn around on most jobs depending on the size and detail of the job if the client needs it. You'll be able to give any feedback and let me know any retouching requests before final delivery. One free round of retouching/revisiting is included with the shoot. If there are any blemishes that you'd like me to take care of let me know and it won't be a problem. * High-resolution finished photos are provided digital files. I can also resize the images to 3K x 2K_300_DPI and 640K x 427k_150 DPI and add them to your final gallery. I keep it simple and easy for my clients not requiring complicated licensing terms or print restrictions.

* Virtual Tours are included for each shoot if requested. . Please click this link Virtual Tours for an example. Property Flyer, Music, Tour Statistics, Design, agent branding, customization. Click the 'More Info' drop down at the top right of the screen to view.

Video versions are included that are published to You Tube.

* Panoramic images of views and the property similar to the photo located in the top left of the gallery below are included when the angle or view is available to shoot it.

* Aerial Drone HD Video and HD Still Photo Services are available. I am a fully licensed FAA commercial drone remote pilot.

Remote Pilot FAA Certificate # 3941402

We include one million dollar liability insurance policy coverage on each location for the duration of the flight.

We use a 4K still and Video Camera. Still photos are shot Full Frame High Resolution 16 x 9 format. Commercial Rates for FAA legal Aerial Footage start at $400. There is a discount if the drone shots are combined with a photo shoot listing.

* Amount of Photographs Per Shoot I generally create anywhere from 10-25 daylight shots (interior / exterior) and up to 2 twilight/dusk shots per day, given an average amount of daylight. I go for quality not quantity of images. In the shortest days of the year, this may change slightly depending on the size and orientation of the home. I work as fast as possible to get the jobs done but I do not sacrifice on the quality of the images. Your brand is at stake here and you need to have high quality images done with attention to detail.

* Pricing 

Base Prices start at $37.50 per hour for Custom Real Estate Photography and $50 per hour for Custom Architects, Designers and Historic Preservation.

Please call me @ (808) 628-0575 to discuss your particular job to get an estimate of how many hours it might take to complete the job.

Customer referrals are available upon request.

All photos Copyright Rick Doyle 2014

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